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U16 Male Youth Premier League
U15 Female Youth Premier League
1 Warburton, Oliver BCountry Northern Rivers10
2 Calvert, CharlieCountry West Country10
3 O'Riley, BaileyMetropolitan Outer East10
4 Flinn, Nathan GMetropolitan Outer East10
5 Powell, TomCountry West Country10
6 Rhodes, JordanCountry North East Country10
7 Flynn, Archie MMetropolitan Outer East10
8 Brasher, LucasMetropolitan Outer East10
9 Weidemann, ConnorCountry West Country10
10 Jones, HarryCountry North East Country10
11 Osmond, CameronCountry Central Highlands10
12 Jarrett, JamesCountry Northern Rivers10
13 Wilson, KadenCountry West Country10
14 Gome, MatthewCountry West Country10
15 Gothard, PhoenixCountry North East Country10
16 Cavigan, LucasCountry Central Highlands10
17 Cheesman, JasperCountry Northern Rivers10
18 Ellett, ClancyCountry North East Country10
19 Treacy, Mitchell JCountry Mallee Murray10
20 Grohmann, JamesCountry North East Country10
21 Dave, PaawanMetropolitan Outer East10
22 Scott, KaneCountry North East Country10
23 Livingstone, CameronMetropolitan Outer East10
24 Hay, LachlanCountry Central Highlands10
25 Pinniger, WilCountry Northern Rivers10
26 Edwards, HenryCountry Northern Rivers10
27 Aitken, DarcyCountry Central Highlands10
28 Thewlis, JamesCountry North East Country10
29 Austin, JackCountry West Country10
30 Phillips, LachlanCountry North East Country10
31 Chobisa, ArnavMetropolitan Outer East10
32 Nagorka, JoeyCountry West Country10
33 Green, TylerCountry Northern Rivers10
34 Walker, LachlanCountry Mallee Murray10
35 Lalor, ArchieCountry Central Highlands10
36 Dawson, RileyCountry Northern Rivers10
37 Patel, KanhaiMetropolitan Outer East10
38 Jarvis, JackCountry Central Highlands10
39 Bensch, HenryCountry West Country10
40 Furze, DillonCountry Mallee Murray10
41 Klein, Jake MCountry Central Highlands10
42 Tankard, ZacharyCountry Mallee Murray10
43 Travaglia, TobieCountry Northern Rivers10
44 Schultheis, EddyCountry North East Country10
45 Malycha, JacksonCountry Mallee Murray10
46 O'Connor, WillCountry Mallee Murray10
47 Mackay, WilhemCountry Central Highlands10
48 Geister, DustyCountry Mallee Murray10
49 Wishart, XavierCountry Mallee Murray10
50 Attard, ZaneCountry Central Highlands10
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Total Records: 78   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next


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Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 21 Nov 21
Knights   def   Pride
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 2 28 Nov 21
Knights   def   Eagles
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 28 Nov 21
Suns   def by   Rivers
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 28 Nov 21
Highlanders   def by   Waves