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Youth Premier League - U18 Male
Youth Premier League - U16 Male Dowling Shield
Youth Premier League - U14 Male
Youth Premier League - U14 Female
Youth Premier League - U17 Female
Youth Super Series - U14 Male
Youth Super Series - U14 Female
Youth Super Series - U16 Male
Youth Super Series - U17 Female
Youth Premier League - U14 Female1
1 Cesarios, Michael AMetropolitan West4000000000
2 Kosteas, BillyMetropolitan North West5000000000
3 Adihetty, Ashvin SMetropolitan Outer South4000000000
4 Hesline, JordanMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
5 Pednekar, YashMetropolitan Outer South4000000000
6 Klauer, Lachlan JCountry South East Country6000000000
7 Wright, Ethan RMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
8 Curtis, Jack BCountry South East Country6000000000
9 Potter, MaxCountry Barwon5000000000
10 Aikman, RyanCountry Central Highlands4000000000
11 Jackson, Chris LMetropolitan West4000000000
12 Sellenger, Miles LMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
13 Dean, MackenzieMetropolitan Inner South East 4000000000
14 Sleeman, Zac OMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
15 Wood, Spencer JMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
16 Domann, MitchellMetropolitan South East Bayside 4000000000
17 Hinds, ConnorMetropolitan Outer South4000000000
18 Lemire, JaiMetropolitan Northern4000000000
19 Jamieson, Lachlan PCountry South East Country6000000000
20 Kranzbuhler, Luke SCountry South East Country6000000000
21 Stow, Callum JCountry Barwon5000000000
22 Mikedis, MaxMetropolitan Northern4000000000
23 Dekel, JamesMetropolitan Inner South East 4000000000
24 Phillips, Connor CCountry South East Country6000000000
25 Walsh, Lachlan ACountry South East Country6000000000
26 D'Rozario, JonathanMetropolitan Outer South4000000000
27 Hatzoglou, MaxMetropolitan West4000000000
28 Bardwell, Aaron RCountry Gippsland5000000000
29 Neeson, FionnCountry West Country5000000000
30 Humphries, KadenCountry West Country5000000000
31 Love, CharlieMetropolitan Northern1000000000
32 Wynd, JakeCountry Gippsland5000000000
33 Molden, Angus JMetropolitan Inner East4000000000
34 Gaunt, Keely LMetropolitan Northern0000600000
35 Crick, AdamMetropolitan Northern4000000000
36 Cuthbert, ThomasMetropolitan Northern4000000000
37 Fisher, RileyCountry Central Highlands0700000000
38 Argall, LucasCountry Central Highlands4000000000
39 Roberts, OscarMetropolitan South East Bayside 0700000000
40 Fine, AdeleMetropolitan West0000600000
41 Rudge, Joshua JMetropolitan North West5000000000
42 Stevenson, Max LMetropolitan Inner South East 4000000000
43 Ash, JoshuaCountry South East Country6000000000
44 Pearce, MatthewCountry North East Country4000000000
45 Turner, JoshuaMetropolitan Northern2000000000
46 Raines, Jack HMetropolitan North West5000000000
47 Hyde, HughCountry Northern Rivers0700000000
48 Morrison, Tom GCountry Gippsland5000000000
49 Hurley, Noah ECountry Gippsland5000000000
50 Howard, KaydeCountry Northern Rivers5000000000
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Total Records: 1255   Page: 1 of 26   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


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