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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubU16 Male Youth Premier LeagueU15 Female Youth Premier LeagueU16 Male Youth Premier LeagueU15 Female Youth Premier League
Aitken, DarcyCountry Central Highlands7070
Anders, Logan CCountry Gippsland1010
Anderson, SamCountry Gippsland1010
Attard, ZaneCountry Central Highlands7070
Austin, JackCountry West Country7070
Bain, TedCountry Barwon7070
Bensch, HenryCountry West Country7070
Bent, LeoCountry Barwon7070
Bloomfield, JacobCountry Gippsland1010
Brasher, LucasMetropolitan Outer East6060
Burrill-Grinton, KyenCountry Northern Rivers7070
Calvert, CharlieCountry West Country7070
Carlile, ArcherCountry Northern Rivers7070
Cavigan, LucasCountry Central Highlands7070
Cheeran, AanlinCountry Barwon7070
Cheesman, JasperCountry Northern Rivers7070
Chirgwin, FlynnCountry Barwon7070
Chobisa, ArnavMetropolitan Outer East6060
Colla, WillCountry West Country7070
Connolly, HunterCountry West Country7070
Dave, PaawanMetropolitan Outer East6060
Dawson, RileyCountry Northern Rivers7070
Dichiera, Lewis SCountry Mallee Murray7070
Edwards, HenryCountry Northern Rivers7070
Ellett, ClancyCountry North East Country7070
Flinn, Nathan GMetropolitan Outer East6060
Flynn, Archie MMetropolitan Outer East6060
Furze, DillonCountry Mallee Murray7070
Geary, Elwood JCountry West Country7070
Geister, DustyCountry Mallee Murray7070
George, KobeCountry Barwon7070
Gome, MatthewCountry West Country7070
Gothard, PhoenixCountry North East Country7070
Gray, FinnCountry North East Country7070
Green, TylerCountry Northern Rivers7070
Greene, NoahCountry West Country7070
Grimsey - Cook, FletchCountry Barwon7070
Grohmann, JamesCountry North East Country7070
Hales, LucasCountry North East Country7070
Harvey, Jarvis CCountry Gippsland1010
Hastie, AngusCountry Barwon7070
Hay, LachlanCountry Central Highlands7070
Hoekstra, HarryCountry Gippsland1010
Hutchinson, MaxCountry Barwon7070
Jarrett, JamesCountry Northern Rivers7070
Jarvis, JackCountry Central Highlands7070
Jones, HarryCountry North East Country7070
Keppitipola, AshanCountry Gippsland1010
Kiddle, TomCountry Barwon7070
King, CharlieCountry Mallee Murray7070
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Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 21 Nov 21
Knights   def   Pride
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 2 28 Nov 21
Knights   def   Eagles
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 28 Nov 21
Suns   def by   Rivers
Grade: U16 Male Youth Premier League Round: 1 28 Nov 21
Highlanders   def by   Waves