Victorian State Championships Hall of Fame - Batting | Youth Premier League
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18867459015117233314265688*Ashley ChandrasinghePioneers2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male2 1Scorpions
28783594015112740314269787Billy CooteeWizards2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male7 1Mallee
36680960615112737314268066*Liam FitzpatrickEmus2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male5 1Knights
45980960615112737314264559*Liam FitzpatrickEmus2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male1 1Pride
556181063015112740314269756*Jagadeswara R KoduruWizards2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male7 1Mallee
65567459015117233314264855Ashley ChandrasinghePioneers2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male1 1Eagles
75539008015117232314265555*Zac O SleemanBreakers2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male2 1Eagles
85558543515112731314264555*Aaron R BardwellPride2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male1 1Emus
95493287515112733314268854Will SharpKnights2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male6 1Sharks
105372997115112729314268453Tom C ScottBarwon2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male5 1Rivers
115394252615112734314265853Ryan O'KeefeRivers2019/2020Youth Premier League - U18 Male2 1Waves
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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